Physiotherapy Equipments by MG MEDITECH

Four Channel TENS

INR 7000 INR 9000



Professional use 4 channel Stimulator model Dynoplus4 channel NMS/TENS Advanced N.M.S Therapy Unit 4 Channel Salient Features: Microcomputer Controlled Unit. User friendly operating system, which provides very simple user – guide interface. Mode of operation: Continuous, Burst Surge & Mix Wave are available Four channel output , which cover more treatment area on a single patient or can be treat two patient at same time. Intensity : individually adjustable. Advanced N.M.S Therapy Unit is for superior in term of results. Portable, Light Weight & Smart Look. Microcomputer Controlled Digital Unit. Provides relaxation in muscle pain. Immediate post surgical stimulation of calf muscle to prevent various thrombosis. Increases local body circulation. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Main Supply: - 100 to 240 volt Ac 1M Put. (SMPS Based) OUTPUT: -Four Channel With Indicators. Intensity is individually adjustable from Zero to 120 Volt. MODE:- Burst 100 Hz, Burst 200 Hz, Constant 2Hz, Constant 40 Hz, Constant 80Hz, Constant 100 Hz, Constant 120 Hz, Constant 150 Hz, Surge 100Hz, Surge 200 Hz TIMER:- Treatment time can be set up to 99 min. Preset Time : 15 min can be decrees up to 1min. BUZZER:- Buzzer will sound at the end of treatment if any intensity on at the start of therapy. Applications Low back pain Cervical spasms/pain Shoulder pain Hip strain Foot or ankle pain Wrist strengthening Intrinsic strengthening Grip strengthening Quadriceps strengthening Anterior shoulder subluxation Upper trap spasm Shoulder weakness Tibialis strengthening ACL reconstruction Fibromyalgia Standards Accessories Carbon Electrodes Reusable : 08 Nos. Lead Wires : 04 Nos. AC Cord : 01 No. Instruction Manual : 01 No. Elastic Belts : 01 set. Power supply : 110V/220V 50/60 Hz Power cable connector /socket provided for different countries

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