Physiotherapy Equipments by MG MEDITECH

Interferential Therapy Unit

INR 21000 INR 24000



Product Details: Model Number/Name IFTRK001 Brand Sun Med Usage/Application Clinical Technical Details: uTotally feature in 103 Pre-programming uLCD Display uSimplified servicing mechanism card system uCarrier Frequency -2 Khz and 4 Khz uDigital Treatment Timer -0 to 99 Min. uBase Frequency - 0-150 Hz uSweep Frequency - 0-100 Hz uSpectrum - Rectangular, Triangular, Trapezoidal uT.E.N.S. & Muscles stimulator Microcontroller based Additional Information: Item Code: IFTRK001 Production Capacity: 100 Units per month Delivery Time: 7 Days

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