Physiotherapy Equipments by MG MEDITECH

Portable Two Channel TENS Electrotherapy Unit

INR 2850 INR 3350



Product Details: Model 2CHRK001 Application Arthritic Pain Neurogenic Pain Degenerative Joints Atrophy Denervation Edema Paralysis SDC and oth Channels 2 Channel Types Of Tens Unit 12 Program Brand Sun Med Weight Less than 1 Kg Frequency 2-200Hz Modes Of The Tens Unit 12 preset Programe Features LCD Model with 12 prg TENS Electrotherapy Unit TENS (2 channel) (LCD Model with 12 prg) Mini Portable Electrotherapy Pain Therapy Unit Most Suitable for Clinical / Home / Home visit Get Rid of Pain 2 Channel 4 Electrodes Advanced Programmed T..E.. N.. S.. Therapy Unit ( Dual Channel) LCD Display 12 preset Programe Burst 100 HZ Burst 200 Hz Constant 2Hz Constant 10 Hz Constant 20 Hz Constant 40 Hz Constant 80 HZ Constant 100 Hz Constant 120 Hz Constant 150 Hz Surge 100 Hz Surge 200 Hz Power supply : 90V to 270V ( SMPS Power supply) Unit will be supplied with all standard accessories : Main Unit : 01 No. Electrodes : 04 Nos. Main cable : 01 No. Wire Set : 02 Nos. ( 4 output) Power Socket will be provided free of cost as per country requirement. With complete accessories Additional Information: Item Code: 2CHRK001 Production Capacity: 1000 Units per month

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